Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year In Review: The best photo of the year

No, it's not a fire, it's not a car wreck or cops running around with guns. My favorite photo from 2008 is a quiet little picture taken at the Isenberg Crane reserve as the sun set and the clouds were ablaze from the last rays of sunlight. It's a happy photo the kind of which I don't take nearly enough. I wasn't on assignment, I wasn't racing against deadlines. It was the best sunset I have seen in years and as a flock of cranes passed beneath the clouds I remembered why I got into photography into the first place.

Here is to 2008 as it passes and I look forward to the moments of 2009.

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Dr. Mike McLellan said...

Having been out of town and using a very slow dial-up, I was not able to see your blog until now. I understand why you like this picture. Art is subjective and this one obviously brings to you many good memories. Your hikes have been fun for us to see and hopefully medicine for the hell of a news year you have had.