Friday, January 9, 2009

Cheerios test: Part 4

So yesterday I had to shoot the nostril-licking-lemur which was about an 8 on the nasty scale. It couldn't get any worse could it? Ask and yea shall receive.

So the Lammersville School principal threw down the gauntlet challenging his students to sell $10,000 worth of cookie dough as a school fundraiser. if they reached that magical mark he agreed to become a giant cookie dough himself upon which students would heap ingredients. Nice!

So imagine chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, sugar and flour pouring down atop your head like some kind of yuppie shampoo. Nasty, gross and disgusting looking but at least he wasn't bobbing for potatoes in spaghetti.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Glenn! Good to see the assignments just keep getting more exciting!! I hope all is well in the photog world. I'm considered a professional photographer these days (believe it or not). Most all our photographers were laid off so we have to shoot most of our own photos. I might call/e-mail for some tips!