Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Close up

Hiking the Black Point Trail at Mount Diablo I decided it was time to break out my birthday present from me to me. A brand new Canon 100mm macro lens.

My birthday isn't for a couple of weeks but I couldn't resist the lens as it sat in the box so packed into my Think Tank belt I hit the trail with Alice to see what type of close ups I could find.

Our hike started off with a flock of turkeys that worked best with a 70-200mm zoom lens. I grabbed a few trail photos with my wide angle zoom but I was itching to try my new lens. Once we are deep into the narrow trail I switched to the macro lens and began experimenting.

Pine cones, leaves and spider webs found new form in extreme magnification the macro lens supplies. I was lagging behind Alice on the trail as I stopped at random ferns and leaves to explore their texture and detail with my new lens.

Even though the macro lens is designed for close up work I managed to grab a few landscapes as the mist rolled through the White Canyon walls.

Heading back to the trail head I checked the camera and saw I fired off over 1,000 images, most of them with my macro lens. It's a great lens and a fun hike to break it in with, I look forward to exploring the close up world on the hiking tail in the future.

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