Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ridge runners

It had been too long since Alice and I hit the hiking trail so last Monday we headed out for a trek through the Pleasanton Ridge Regional Par. Our hike last summer there took us through rolling hills and olive groves. This hike would follow a different path through live oaks and grasslands.

Pleasanton Ridge is one of those hidden parks. Located just off the freeway its open spaces and dog friendly trail bring the locals out to explore the steep trails and vistas. We hadn’t had a good hike workout in about a month so we were eager to hit the trail.

The temperature was bordering on hot as we made our way up the ridgeline. The path led us through mostly live oaks although we did cross near a few olive trees. At a steep ravine Alice caught a glimpse of deer as it skirted up the hillside. Mostly we were alone on the hills.

In addition to my digital SLR camera I packed my point and shoot and captured a few clips of video on the trail. I liked the idea of video panning across the hillside and trail to give a sense of space on our hike and have included a few of the clips here.

We need to get back into our hiking shape as Alice and I plan to tackle the Mount Diablo summit sometime in March.

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Anonymous said...

very cool ...felt like a part of it. god bless to all the creative people in the world.