Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chew toy

I don't know why dogs hate me.  Maybe they think I am one big chew toy for their amusement, or maybe they smell the lingering remains of bacon (mmm, bacon!) on my breath- but every dog I meet has one thought on his microscopic mind; they want to meat me.

So imagine my surprise when shooting the pet of the week for this week's Our Town section I am told it will be a pit bull.  A two-year-old female pit bull will be the next lucky dog to have a chance of ripping my intestines out.  The pit bull named Gerdy had that hungry look as soon as she saw me, like polar bear when it spies a baby seal on the ice.  Just act natural,  it should be fine I think.  Yeah sure.

So bad sign #1, the pit bull starts sniffing my shoes, and I think it has a bottle of ketchup...
Bad sign #2, it starts sniffing around my crotch, now this is getting serious....
Bad sign #3 is the image in my viewfinder- it is just one giant snout and a bit of paw....dang it moved fast!  There was a sickening thud as bone meets lens hood.  That's the only good thing a Canon lens hood is good for, fending off hungry pit bulls.
I kind of like this shot, the pit bull has that dazed look after the encounter with my camera.  I know exactly what it is thinking too- "WTF!, where did the camera come from?  Man that was my only chance for a tubby photographer sandwich!"
But there were no hard feeling, I said goodbye and Gerdy gave me a friendly goodbye wave on the way back to her kennel.

Yeah, I'm living the dream at work.

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