Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A step back

There is some saying about taking the time to smell the roses.  Not that I am any kind of gardener But I think I know what it means.  I have been trying to take time to look around when I am out and about on assignment.  Today's golf match was a good example.

I was assigned to shoot a high school golf match at Old River Golf Course at the end of south MacArthur Drive.  At first look it seems pretty unattractive, lots of opens space, few trees and lots of sun.  Time to take a step back and look around.
Waiting for the players to hit I started to take a good look at my surroundings and to my surprise it has a lot of photo opportunities.  Young pine cones, reeds in the water hazard and some weeds blowing in the light breeze were just a few of the sights that caught my eye.  A jet passing through the scattered clouds and virga was also an interesting view.
Sometimes it is just about taking the time to see what is out there around you, you would be surprised at wonderful sights that surround us everyday.

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Melanie said...

Aha - so there is an upside to all those golf assignments! Thanks for sharing a bit of beauty in an unexpected spot.