Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Got duck?

You know it must be hard times when the students have to help pay for toner for the school office's copy machine.  Tough times indeed.

Some schools are taking the budget crunch in stride as they find creative ways to fight back against the lack of funding.  Take Poet Christian School, they have gone crazy looking for ways to drum up some funds.  You might even say they have gone quackers, literally.

The school's parent student teacher association had a ducky idea for a fundraiser, sell ducks.  For each three items a student sells they get a duck with a lanyard to wear around school.  Ducks vary from superhero to sports theme.

If the school meets their $20,000 fundraising goal the principal will wear a duck costume for the school's October walkathon fundraiser.  Now that would be nothing to quack about...

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