Monday, January 24, 2011

Comments and crap

The one thing I am really starting to hate the most about this job is the website.  Or to be more specific is watching over the comments section of the website.  It has evolved from a minor annoyance to a full time pain in the ass checking the endless lines of crap spewed from a host of anonymous readers lurking in cyberspace.  I am sick of it.

Hiding behind their fake names and alter egos these lurkers preach a litany of racism, hate, intolerance, stupidity and general ignorance for anyone wishing to see.  Unfortunately Tracy Press staff members have to wade through the volumes of ilk to find the really blatant profanities personal attacks and out right mean spirited comments and keep them off line.  Sometimes we have to waste time on our days off sifting through this mire.  It is sickening.

I wish the paper would stop allowing comments on stories but it drives up web hits which is good for the internet advertising revenue.  I hope sometime in the future we can put civility ahead of money and do away with the comments.

It bothers me that theses nameless wanna-be experts on everything are allowed to preach their hate and discord on the website.  They bring nothing to the table to help build bridges in the community among the different cultures.  They stir the pot of racism at every chance. 

They were all talk online about showing up en masse to a council meeting to demand action on the gang violence.  I was assigned to cover the council “protest” and not one of these commentors stood up to make their voice and concerns heard, not one.  It’s so much easier to attack someone from behind a computer screen.

Now some fake name guy is pissed off I yanked his comment Friday from a story.  Yeah dude I pulled it off the website.  You want to know why?  Because it was a personal attack, and it wasn’t true.  I am sick of this kind of crap.  Earlier in the day we had to pull eight comments off the website because some was using somebody else’s name to attack someone in a story.  I’ve had it.  I am going to be quick to pull the trigger when I think a comment has crossed the line.  If you anonymous lurkers don’t like it, tough.

If you want “your message” to get through try writing a letter to the editor.  Only problem is you would have to write your name-your REAL name on the letter to get it published.  No more hiding in the dark.  I frankly don’t care what a commentor has to say.  If you don't have the courage to stick your name and your reputation behind the statement then it is pretty much worthless.

Now I know there will be commentors all it an uproar about my soapbox sermon here, but this is the difference-My name is on this.  My REAL name.  You want to call me out about this grow a pair, right a signed letter to the editor and say what you want.  Otherwise just go about lurking the internet with all the other freaks.