Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First hike

I had not been on the trail in a couple of weeks so I jumped at the chance for a short hike at Brushy Peak in Livermore.  best part I would actually get paid for it.

We are working on a story about a local pair of hiker who wrote book about local trails so we headed to meet them on the trail on one of the hike detailed in their book.

Brushy Peak is part of the East Bay Regional Parks system and was just about 20 minutes away from the office. We met up with the two authors and headed out for a chilly walk on the trail.  

January hikes are notorious for frigid temperatures that numb your fingers making simple things like changing a camera lens a major challenge.  Dressed in layers and with a pair of fingerless gloves I followed our group as we made our way along the muddy trail.

Brushy Peak is a mostly open hike on a narrow trail you share with the occasional grazing cow.  Avoiding the cow pies mixed in with the mud we meandered our way through some small climbs along the hills.  our views of the surrounding communities was obscured by fog and clouds stretching into the distance.
The hike was a short one, just about four miles but it felt good to hit the trail again.  Depending on the weather I will try to get out on the trails in the next few weekends for a couple of solo hikes around the area.  I have couped up too long this winter, I have to get out and go exploring.

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