Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back on the road

After a long winter layoff Alice and I finally hit the trail again today with our first hike of the year at Mount Diablo as we wound our way along Black Point under gloriously sunny skies.

After weeks of fog and cold, a family crisis and just the general stress of work I was anxious to hit the trail again Black Point Trail was a good start.  Coming in at around 4 1/2 miles it was a good way to ease back into the hiking routine.  There are lots of good steady climbs and some tricky slick spots on the way down to get us back in trail shape.

The vistas are impressive as the winter has left the hillsides green.  Flowers are just starting to bud on Mount Diablo but we did have a few early glimpses of the wild flower colors to come.  The sunny skies were punctuated by the occasional cloud drifting in as a new storm systems heads into the valley.

I switched between color and black and white today, somethings just seem to call out for the simple tones of a grayscale picture.  What few colorful leaves we did find stood out starkly form the dark background of the trail.

We are hoping this incoming storm system will bring water to the falls of Mount Diablo as we plan next week's adventure to the Donner Falls trail.  It's a new season, with new challenges and hardships to face but I can always find some peace on the trail.

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