Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Funky Chicken

I have been on some assignments that just seem to lay an egg from the start.  Others are so good they may rule the roost and some just seem to peck away at my sanity.  But no clucking around- this  morning's assignment was tough but I wasn't about to chicken out.
As a warm up to this morning's 5K and 10K fun run races in Mountain House they held  quarter mile and half mile races just for kids.  And as tradition would have it the races were led by a special guest.  Behold the Funky Chicken.
You know you're shooting for a community based newspaper when your photographing a guy in a giant chicken suit with red wings wearing tennis shoes being chased down a street by a group of little kids.  That maybe a normal sight in a place like San Francisco but down here in the valley it seems a little different and worth a second look.  
The Funky Chicken dashes ahead of the kids to lead them out and back on the short races to the sounds of the "William Tell Overture"  To tell you the truth it was actually kind of fun.  I shoot too many assignments that take themselves way to seriously so this was a nice change of pace.
Who won the race?  The announcer said the Funky Chicken entered the races undefeated and from my vantage point the finish was too call.   Definitely a photo finish!

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