Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flame on

I have been feeling a little snakebit lately covering grass fires.  We have had some pretty good size fire near us but by the time I get there the fire is knocked down or it is too far away to get any visible flames.  Late this afternoon I headed to Corral Hollow for a report of a grass fire near I-580.  And yes there were flames.

No I'm not a pyromaniac but if you are covering a grass fire you really should have flames in your pictures.  it sort of makes sense.  Usually it is an access issue, how close can I get to where the fire is burning.  As luck would have it this fire was burning in a field close to the roadway near an abandoned landfill.

I remembered to grab my wildlands jacket and followed Engine 97 into the fire.  The flames were edging close to the access road but not too bad.  I could feel the heat as the flames crackled next to me.  Then as luck would have it a change in the wind pressed the flames closer to the access road.  The view started to gray in the smoke and I said screw it and sprinted to the truck.  Looking back I could see flames lap and roll up against the access road.  I did say I wanted flames didn't I?

The fire crews knocked the fire down in about a half an hour I walked intom the blackened field for a couple of more shots.  The slightest step sent a small ash cloud swirling around me.  With enough pictures of flames and the cleanup I headed back to the office where I was mocked for the slightly smokey smell from being so close to the action.

It wasn't the biggest fire of the season but I did manage to squeeze off some decent fire action.  It's all about getting close and getting the shot.  Driving back to the office I downed the last of my afternoon coffee.  Coffee and flames.  Yep, it was a good day after all.

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