Monday, September 17, 2012

Incomplete photograph

Someone told me a long time ago when i was just learning to shoot sports to always shoot in and out of a sports sequence.  Never wait for the peak moment of action, if you see it your too late.
I was covering Tracy High taking on Kimball High last Friday when a Tracy High receiver tried to make the acrobatic catch.  The pass was broken up by the Kimball high defender and the ball fell to the turf for an incomplete pass.
I shot this with my work Eos 1D MK II, an ancient camera by today's standards, and my well worn work 70-200mm f.2.8 zoom lens.  The ISO sensitivity was set to 3200 which gave me an exposure of about 1/400 sec with the lens aperture set wide open.
The image suffers from some Eos 1D noise and I did have to blow it up a little for the framing I wanted.  A 300mm f.2.8 and new camera is on my Christmas list at work but I make do with what I have.  Like they say in car racing, 'you run what you brung."