Sunday, September 2, 2012

Own it

"You do too know why.. own it"

Those were the words left on a picture I posted on Facebook when I said I didn't know why this picture was my favorite from a Saturday hike at Morgan Territory's Sulphur Springs Trail.  Reading those words I actually had to stop and think why did this photo strike a chord with me over all the rest?

I shot over 500 photos as I huffed and puffed up and down the trail taking in the fall colors.  I was nearing the halfway point on the hike when I came across this spot.  Withered leaves had fallen from the trees lining the trail and fell in a line one either side of the trail.  The leaves formed a dark red border running for dozens of feet along the trail's path.

Honestly it was one of those moments when you see something visually stunning and you don't know why for sure.  In the subdued light from the fog sides of the trail were dark and somewhat mysterious.  Not nighttime dark but shadows deepened and there was peculiar feeling about the trail.  The air was still, not a breeze to be found and it was very quiet and peaceful as I walked alone on the path.

When I came to the leaves it was almost a surreal moment.  In someways the whole hike had a slightly odd feeling, almost like watching a movie.  I stopped and looked at the different hues and shades of reds in the leaves and the shadows as they piled atop one another.  I must have looked at the leaves for a good 15 minutes trying to find just the right cluster to take a picture of.

Then I found one leaf that looked out of place, a small white leaf that stood out from the almost monochrome pattern around it.  I framed a couple of quick shots with this one lone bright leaf in the sea of red and headed out for the rest of the hike.

What was I trying to say in the picture?  I'm not sure.  I thought it was going to be a study of hues and colors and shadow.  Why did this one leaf add another dimension and make it something I like over all the all others? I'm not sure why.

Was it a just break in the monochromatic patterns in the leaves or is it a statement of being different in conformity?  Maybe it is just a pretty picture?  I guess maybe yes.  The more I think about it I like it most because it is such a simple and quiet photo, far from the pictures of confusion and turmoil I often produce at work.  Maybe it was that quiet moment on a dark section of trail with a quiet stillness in the air I like the most.  I like those moments, they come to few and far in between.

I guess I did know why after all, I just need a reminder now then to make these moments my own.