Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Something's fishy

You know it is a strange day on assignment when you stumble across four grouchy sea lions in the middle of the fairgrounds in Stockton.

I was on assignment for the setup of the county fair in Stockton. I was looking for the usual pictures, setting up carnival rides, exhibits going up when I heard a strange barking noise.

Lo and behold a sea lion was rollicking in his swimming pool digs as part of the new Sea Lion Splash attraction at this years fair. Two South American and two Californian sea lions will wow the crowds with their antics and fish catching abilities.

Now I am no sea lion expert but I discovered a few things in the short time I had to shoot them. Among them are:
1) Sea lions make a really loud, deep, disgusting barking noise, kind of like someone trying to belch after drinking a gallon of soda.
2) Sea lions don’t play nice with each other. The trainer said they were just trying to assert their dominance in the group. Looked more like a catfight to me.
3) Sea lions will snatch the food right out each other’s mouth at the dinner table. They seem more human all the time.
4) Believe it or not they hate the sight of cameras almost as much as dogs. It must be a wild kingdom rule, hate the camera.

I am guessing the sea lions will be the hit of the fair this year. In the past crowds have clamored over the pig races I’m sure they will flip for the sea lion splash.

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Safari Mom said...

I like it you seem to have a dog seal thing though thanks for the great pics