Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My young Jedi apprentice

I never have thought myself much of a teacher but I had to smile today as I watched my friend and fellow photographer Alice DeLaurier O’Neil hard at work photographing the dedication of a new public art piece at Lincoln Park.

It was fun watching as Alice got into the fray firing away with her Canon camera along side of me. Her shoot is top notch and can be seen here. I would run her pictures in the paper any time.

I kind of think of Alice as my young Jedi apprentice and I am teaching her the ways of the Force, or at least how to use the exposure compensation dial to correctly expose a backlit scene. She is a good student and she even turned the camera on me with no mercy. Yep, she is my student all right. Maybe I will turn her to the Dark Side of the Force? Naw, she doesn’t like Nikon cameras either.

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Anonymous said...

The Dueling Digitals! Of course you are teaching, Glenn. Someone's always watching our lives; words and deeds. Way to reproduce yourself!