Friday, December 21, 2007

The Year In Pictures

It was a year of tragedy and tears, a year of champions and change. The clock is closing on the end of this year and it is time to step back and take one last look at the people and events that shaped our community. But how do you sum up a year of news in a handful of images?

There are some pictures that I remember well, an apartment complex erupting in flames, a police officer responding to a robbery and the grief of a community of a young man taken too soon from us.

Not all the pictures are from sad times. We witnessed a championship season, the rebirth of a local landmark and the spectacle of a major road race passing through Tracy. Scattered through the days and thousands of pictures we take a picture of our town and community emerges, in good times and bad. Sometimes the view is unpleasant and can be so hard to witness but it is the view that shapes our lives.

We take one last look back at the year 2007. The Tracy Press will present the Year In Pictures as an online slide show at on December 30th.

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Care said...

Well done Glenn Moore. 10,000 words spoken through these pictures.

Happy New Year