Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Angle of attack

I was shooting a track meet and wanted something a little different. I have playing around with shooting form a high vantage point in the bleachers and I like the look.

Hurdles are a fast paced event but the good thing is you always know where the runner will be. Usually I shoot with a 300 mm lens with a 1.4 extender to get as much compression effect and a shallow depth of field. Problem is I can have a fairly ugly background as seen in this photo of the boy’s 100-meter hurdles. It is a decent shot but not very spectacular.

Moving upstairs would allow me to isolate the runners against the track and infield grass. The high angle also gave a nice perspective to the form of their legs and body on the jump. I used a 70-200mm zoom and adjusted until I had the crop of the track I wanted. I was set up on about the forth set of hurdles down the track, and shot the runners as they hit the first hurdles. As soon as they cleared that set I spun the focal length all the way out, refocused on the hurdles below me and fired away for a cool view of the race.

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