Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was shooting the Wicklund School performance of the ‘Wizard of Oz” when I decided to go for some unique views. Everybody sees the action on stage but few get a glimpse of the action behind the scenes.

Thirty minutes to show time and the students gathered for costume and makeup. There were the occasional nervous jitters as the students wondered aloud about the crowd and their lines.

It was quite a colorful sight as they donned their Munchkin outfits, flying monkey costumes and wicked witch makeup.

I have to admit; I can’t remember making it through the movie or book. I am sure my parents forced me to watch it many years ago but I am lost on assignments like this when I try to figure out which character is which. I still long for the day when I am sent out to photograph “Reservoir Dogs-The Musical”.

Overall it was a fun assignment. Where else are you ever going to hear someone say “Munchkins and flying monkeys line up at the wall”?

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