Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Behold the future

This is Canon's latest and might be greatest camera, the Eos 5D MK II. It was just announced and will replace the oldest camera in their digital line up. It features a 21.1 megapixel full-frame sensor, a 3.9 frames-per-second drive and a 3"inch rear LCD screen. But the thing I think is most intriguing about the camera is it will capture full HD video with HDMI output. It will capture 12 minutes of video in the HD 16 :9 letterbox setting or 24 minutes in the standard resolution.

Also the camera has ISO sensitivity from 100 to 6400 as standard and with custom settings can reach from 50 to an insane low light level setting of 25,600!

Due in November the body only is expected to retail for $2,700.

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JonnoB said...

Hopefully TP buys you one of these guys.