Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Green Man

Ok, so you are probably wondering why is this guy wearing a green spandex suit, cowboy hat and boots and has no face? Good question. I wondered that too walking into the West High School gym today as I was covering the crosstown match. Waiting to enter the game was a rambunctious cheering crowd from Tracy High and among them was the Green Man.

I think it would be safe to say he looked a little out place. Even among the painted faces, dyed hair and mask wearing students he stood out like a sore thumb. A Kelley Green colored sore thumb. I don’t know what was more disturbing, the fact he didn’t have a face or the fact he was wearing a cowboy hat without a horse in sight. The Green Man and the rest of the cheering section made their way into the gym finding a spot to get noisy at and I settled in for weird night.

I have seen cheering sections in my time before and some of them were downright rowdy. My Fresno State days had the Red Wave fans at Selland Arena who could create an ear shattering din like no other. Covering Stanislaus State basketball games I was introduced to the polished perfection of the UC Davis band with their crazy hats and fancy dance moves I have seen some of the best. This group from Tracy High had to be some of the strangest.

I never talked to the Green Man. I assume he is a student, but he could be an administrator or teacher leading a secret life. I am not even sure how he made his way around the gym without bumping into things, I guess he was wearing a sheer spandex but that is almost too much information. I’m not sure if this was a special event to try and unnerve the West High team and fans or if the Green Man is a now a fixture for sporting events but I will keep a wary eye out for this mysterious visitor as he casts his whammies on the opposing teams. If you ask me he looks just a little too creepy!


AleX said...

he's probably a student supporting the new season of "Its always sunny in Philadelphia" where Charlie Day is the green man..sometimes.

trevor said...

if im not wrong, i believe it is a student.... i may or may not know the name... (its a secret) =D

Steve said...

yeah, I guess some people at another school got them from

Charlie was the unofficial mascot of his school

herbie diesel said...

its from always sunny in philadelphia. even at boston college, you will see red and gold green man suits