Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Technically I was standing in the wrong spot when I took this photo. I dashed over to a call of a grass fire at Old River golf course and found firefighters trying to contain the fire before it reached the levee bank. You are never supposed to be standing in the unburned portion of ground at a grass fire. But hey it was the only way to get a shot of the flames and the wind was going the opposite direction and heck if I got burned to a crisp at least I would get an extra day off. Maybe.

It is kind of eerie to walk along the blackened smoldering area of a grass fire. You can feel the heat radiate from the ground as smoke wafts up from the hot spots around you. Every step sends another cloud of ash into the air around me. After 10 minutes at the fire I smell like a rotten burned sneaker.

The best shot from the fire I like to think is this photo of a smoldering tree as it sits amid the clouds of smoke and ash. It looks ghostly and a little out of place but I like it anyhow.

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