Monday, June 29, 2009

100 miles an hour down a dead end road

I was going through some of my favorite photography websites when I stumbled across a link to this short movie. It isn't any thing earth shattering but it does have a message to those who create.

I wonder how many photographers watched this only to say they shared the same feelings, the same doubts, the same despairs over their own work. I know I have had my own fair share. I too have found the feeling of traveling down a dead end road at a breakneck speed as the work load and life pile atop each other. The photos seem to be getting worse, creativity seems lost and you constantly rate your performance by looking at the other photographers around you.

I will try to take his words to heart as I create images. Sure some will suck but that's ok, at least I will have said something with my camera something unique and that is what is really important.

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