Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Burn notice

Flames. Nothing makes for dramatic photos like flames curling up toward the sky. I was out with the Tracy Fire department as they conducted a wildlands training for several fire departments.

It is pretty simple every wears their nomex fire gear, they take a road flare or a drip can mixed with gasoline and diesel fuel and start a fire. The idea is to let the wind catch the fire and let the crews get the practice of battling the fire with lots of heat and smoke. The unpredictability of the wind makes the scenario even more realistic.

One of these days it might be fun to take a little trigger time behind the hose to see what it feels like to actually fight a fire. There is a rumor the fire guys might let me try out the flashover trailer they use to train in structure fires. Sounds good but I wonder if my camera would melt?

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