Friday, February 19, 2010

Cabbage patch

Some days I feel like a normal 46-year-old photographer. Other days I feel like I am driving down that long final stretch of the road of life and I can see the road ends sign ahead of me in the headlights.

Sure it bothers me that 99 % of my coworkers don’t know what the word Betamax means. Yes I feel a little old saying I have a vinyl record collection and yes I have actually listened to an 8-track tape played in a car. But I felt at least a 100 years old today on assignment when I heard the phrase “and front and back and cabbage patch.”

I was taking pictures of a dance class in Mountain House and during a hip hop number the instructor is calling out the dance moves. I was blissfully tuning out the music (hip hop just isn’t my thing) when my radar picked up the cabbage patch call. With a painful expression I looked at a parent and asked did she really say back and front and cabbage patch? Yes apparently it is some kind of children’s dance.

I don’t ask for much on assignment, nice lighting, clean backgrounds-the basics. But how come I can’t get a little Fleetwood Mac on the stereo system every now and then? Why can’t any one dance to a Don Henley song? I think it’s a conspiracy.

So there I am feeling old and worn, beaten down by a hip hop song and a mysterious dance move I pray I never have to see again. I think I will just go home and sob listening to Stevie Nick’s “Belladonna” album.

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Caren or Danielle said...

How about rejoicing in the next generation of happy dancers, Glenn? Mercy