Friday, February 26, 2010

Weird sceince

I covered the South/West Park School science fair the other day and I was very impressed with variety of projects. But I was thinking what are the hidden meanings of their scientific experiments and hypothesis? Lets take a deeper look:

Building a better stink bomb

I see this kid has a future working for the Department of Defense or maybe Blackwater.

Toilet tissue

I have this science project every morning...

Clean renewable energy

This kid will never find employment with the city of Tracy.

Potato power

For their science fair project next year this student will try to reanimate their dead dog with car battery out of the family's Honda Civic.

Continental drift model

The only time anyone walks down the Styrofoam ball isle of the craft store is during science fair time.

Egg project

I can't remember what the science project was but the picture creeped me out. Maybe they have a future making films with Wes Craven or Roger Corman.

Lego magnetic levitating monorail

We have more luck getting this to go through Tracy than a high-speed rail line.


It wouldn't be a science fair without at least one baking soda-fueled volacano.

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