Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ridge runners

With a week of rain forecast forecast on the horizon Alice and I decided on a hike to the sunny slopes of Pleasanton Ridge. Our hike was extra fun as we welcomed Cheri O"Neil Matthews along for a our Sunday trip.

Tracy's blue skies were replaced with a veil of fog arriving at the Pleasanton Ridge Park but an hour or so into the hike the fog lifted and we hiked under the blue skies along the lush green hills. Olive groves lined a section of the rolling hills as we journeyed along the ridge enjoying the scenery and mild temperatures.

It was a great hike with our special guest. We took in views varied from the morning mists to vultures stretching in the sunlight to mossy bridges hidden in the shadows. They were a welcome change from the gray rain filled skies of last week and those approaching. Great company, fantastic views and good exercise a great hike.

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Dr. Mike McLellan said...

Great stuff as always. Your pictures of your lady friends -- and the cropped one on Cheri's blog -- are super. There is a bunch here for another show at the Grand.