Sunday, February 21, 2010

Damp day

Alice and I had planned on a quick hike at the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve as we tried to get in some exercise before the rains fell. Slipping up the muddy slope on the way back to the staging area we had a damp day ahead.

We had been hoping for a torrent of water through the gully in the Coyote Trail but we found just a trickle. Maybe we came a week too late or even a week too early if more rains are on the way but we headed out on the narrow trail surrounded by moss-covered rocks in the shaded trail. The recent rains and left the trail damp and slick as we headed out on the first leg of the hike.

The rain had come a couple of times early but just a drop or two. By the time we reached the cattle gate to start the second half of the hike in the wide-open spaces the rain began to fall steadily. We decided to just retrace our route back to the parking. Our slick trail was quickly becoming a muddy slide as we trudged up. I felt like a car driving on black ice as I looked for some foot traction in the mud. We made it back just in time driving away form the preserve the rain fell harder.

Not the coldest hike we have been on but it was one but one of the wettest. With all the rains we are looking forward to a bevy of wild flowers to greet our spring hike in the next months.


Safari Mom said...

Nice Job partner great little hike and a lot of sweat for a little hike

Melanie said...

How beautiful! As always, thank you for sharing.

Jason P said...

Re: the 2nd to last photo.
Wow you've discovered Godzilla's foot!