Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Get closer

I remember way back in my college photography class days someone was talking about how close you should be to your subject when taking pictures. His rule was when you think you are close enough take one giant step forward. That's a good rule, but it gets a little difficult when you are covering fires.

So there I was shooting the grass fire off Larch Road and I noticed I might be a little too close. Maybe just a tad too near the action. You start noticing things. Like the smoldering propane tanks next to your feet. Hopefully they were empty.

And then there is the clumps of smoking grass clinging to the tread of my shoes. Not a good sign as it looks like my feet might be smoldering.

And then the heat from the burning trailer was a little uncomfortable. Flames were pouring out the ends of the trailer and the paint was scorching off the exterior from the heat as I pressed in close for an action shot. Yeah maybe I got in a little too close but at least my camera didn't melt, this time.

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