Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reflecting on the light

With summer temperatures rising Alice and I headed to Mount Tamalpais for this week's hike. Our original plan for a trip to Muir Woods was changed by a marathon running through that part of the trail so instead we took a stroll around the mountain's Phoenix Lake.

The temperatures were cooler but we were greeted by humidity making for a sticky hike. The lake is part of the of the Mount Tamalpias Watershed and is used as a drinking water supply for nearby communities. The dirt trail is narrow in spots as it follows the lake from above. We packed our macro lenses as we hoped for some wildflowers along the trail.

Wanting to experiment a little I had read about setting digital camera settings to boost the saturation, sharpness, contrast and color tone for more vivid color reproduction. I tried it out on the trail and was pleased with the pictures which definitely seemed to "pop" more with vibrant color and tone.

It was a good hike taking in the lake views, wildflowers and one hungry river otter. Our next hike is up in the air, maybe a a trip to Angel Island or even Half Moon bay as we look for a way to beat the summer heat headed our way.


Leo Apostol said...

Hello Glen, It was nice running in to you yesterday at the Kite festival in MH.

Great photo's, as usual. I see you tried pushing your levels a bit for the extra "pop", looks good. I'm a huge fan of vivid colors and i also do the same.

Keep up the awesome work!

See you around,
Leo Apostol

Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

Super, as always. That lake, by the way, is where I would walk to for radiator water for my Hillman which could not make it up Tam without refills. Actually, it couldn't make it down either. Love your stuff. Tell your hiking bud that she needs to update her blog too.