Saturday, June 5, 2010

Taking in the territory

This week's hike took us back to the wide open spaces of Morgan Territory Regional Preserve for a trip down the Volvon Trail. This would be a good test for my knee as we planned about a 5-mile loop through the rolling hills.

We have hiked Morgan Territory a lot and it is one of my favorite places. It is a short drive from Tracy, the trails are clearly marked and there is a good variety of sights to choose form on the different trails throughout the park. The Volvon Trail we picked would take us to the northern boundary of the park. Starting out we picked up The Volvon Trail and then headed to the Blue Oak Trail. This would take us to the top of the loop where we picked up the Volvon Trail to loop around and head back home with a short walk on the Condor Trail for the last leg of our excursion.

Summer is definitely here and gave me the opportunity to break in a new daypack with its hydration bladder. The temperatures started mild but quickly rose as we hit the middle portion of the hike. Some cool breezes and shade spots on the trail helped it from being a real scorcher but we did feel the heat in the hike.

Wildflowers and dandelions sprouted up alongside the trail as we made our way along the dusty trail and rolling hills. Views of the snow-capped Sierras and nearby Mount Diablo greeted us along the path. A dead tree in the grassland was a perfect perch for a group of turkey vultures including one who was less than impressed with our Canon camera gear.

It was a great hike as we got a look at the hillsides in their last weeks of green before the summer heat turns them a stifling yellow in the heat. My knee held up with a only a little tightness as I still check to see how far along the healing has come.

It was a great day for our first summer weather hike of the season. We are planning for a cooler hike next week with a trip to Mount Tamalpais' Muir Woods.

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Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

Glad your knee held up. Those are some super pictures!