Thursday, June 10, 2010


The hard drive for the scratch disk on my computer went belly up today. One moment I am typing a a website address then the screen went blank. Nice.

The IT guy told me it was the hard drive failing and the telltale sound of a bearing going out led him to the culprit, a 20 gig drive I use for the paging files when I run Photoshop. It was burning out and caused the shut down.

Photoshop is a memory intensive program, it sucks all the memory and computing power you have and always asks for more. We had to install a second drive just to ask as a scratch disk for the files as my computer was getting bogged during processing. I can't even run the newer versions of Photoshop as I am stuck with Photoshop 7 as that is the only version that will run reliably on my archaic Windows machine. Looking at the computer opened up I know why they call it Windows, I wanted to throw it out the nearest one I could find.

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