Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photo #17

Ok so obviously people can't read.  This picture from the Banta Inn paranormal team assignment is generating some comments online.  Everyone sees a "ghostly apparition" to the right of team member Mark McCool as he films in the Banta Inn dining room.

If people would take time to read captions they might have noticed this description of the photo:  McCool cast a ghostly shadow on the wall during the investigation.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press  

It's a shadow.  I was taking a time exposure, about 15 seconds or so with the camera braced on a table and someone in the group fired a camera equipped with a flash.  That is his shadow on the wall, cast from an angle to my camera perspective from the flash that was fired well to my left.  Not a a ghost just a shadow like I said.  I even double checked with the ghost hunter team.

Next time try to read the captions, they give some information every now and then about the picture.  It might help before people get carried away.

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