Monday, August 30, 2010

Time after time

Our hike this weekend took us back to Mount Diablo for trip down the Trail Through the Time.

The weather was cool for August which is a good thing hiking the mountain in August.  We headed to Rock City through the south gate entrance where we would pick up the trailhead.  It would be a short  4 mile or so hike taking us down the Devil's Slide area and back.

The poison oak was in full force lining both sides of the trail.  There were several steep pulls as he head out through a dense tree canopy and then into grassland.  The clouds muted the colors making the red poison oak stand out in the dark areas of the trail.

For an August hike the weather was wonderful.  Cool breezes and the clouds hovering above us made for a hike feeling much more like fall than late summer.  It was another great hike on the mountain, not sure where the trail will take us for our next hike but I'm hoping for cool weather again!

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