Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today's hike was a return trip to Del Valle Regional park as we took a trip to the north west portion of the lake.  We would make our way along the East Shore Trail and Heron Bay loop for a view of the lake and surrounding countryside.

This trail is quite a distance form the hustle and bustle of the park surrounding the boat launching and picnic areas.  The trail had a few other hikers and a handful of mountain bike riders.  Heading out from the trailhead we greeted with a series of steep climbs as we headed over a ridge line and then descended down near the shore.

Except for a surprise meeting with a an angry rattlesnake the trail was void of wildlife.  A duck or two and a heron swam in the lake but we made our way down the quiet trail.  View were gorgeous as the water was dark blue against the dry yellow of the hills.  The August skies are clear of haze and made for great vistas as we climbed up the steep grades.

The temperatures were hot on the trail and they are expected to climb higher this week.  We will look for a cooler hike for this weekend, hopefully somewhere without the angry rattlesnake.

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