Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer's end

It is mid -August and you could hardly tell by the weather.  Mild days and cold nights make it seem summer has come to and end early for us this year.  A trip to Lake Del Valle Regional Park today saw colors on the trail that made us feel we had slipped into September already.

The dry grasslands and red poison oak led us along the Deer Jaw Trail.  this was our first visit to Del Valle since my knee ligament adventure. back in April.  the colors have certainly changed as the lush greens were replaced with hues of yellow and red.

The trail followed the lake for a bit as we climbed along the hillside.  We spent some time admiring the clumps of poison oak  scattered about the trees.  The trail turns away from the lake eventually ends near a thick bramble of trees.  A cool breeze helped us on our climb back up as we made our way to the parking lot.

Next week's hike will be a return to Del Valle as we explore the northern most area of the park near the dam and see more of the fading summer colors.

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Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

You get too close to fires, get in the middle of police actions and put your camera inches away from poison oak! Glenn Moore, Thrill Seeker.