Monday, July 11, 2011

In the land of giants

With summer heat still baking the valley we continued our coastal adventures with a trip to Santa Cruz to see an old friend and hit the hiking trail.

 Our guides for the day would be Cheri and Danny who planned a trip to Pogonip, described as a 640-acre expanse of woodlands, meadows and creeks.  Our route would take mainly through groves of redwoods and meadows as we crossed into the UC Santa Cruz campus.

The hike was a little over 5 miles with not too many steep sections.  The redwoods towered over us on the trail as their canopy dimmed the light nearby.  Colors seem to melt into the darkness so I took advantage of the play of light and shadow and shot most of the pictures in black and white.

It was a great hike, seeing friends and hiking among the cool coastal breezes.  We will have to test some of the other trails around the Santa Cruz mountains some time in the future and see more of the towering giants.

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Cheri said...

Love these shots!