Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Second time around

I can’t believe I missed this shot. Way back in June I was assigned to shoot the annual Portuguese bloodless bullfights held in the bull ring off 9th Street. It was an evening assignment and I was fighting deadline so the order of the day was a quick edit and two or three photos for the news section.

The photo that ran on the cover was the Suicide Squad members in their aptly named job of tackling the bull to bring him down to the ground following the first fight of the night. The first bull fighter was Cavaleiros Paulo Ferreira who fought the bull from horseback.

I was going over my whole shoot from the bull fight as I prepared to enter some of the pictures in a sports picture story contest when I saw this frame. Ferreira is reaching down to pat the bull between the horns to show off his skill and bravery to the crowd.

Now in the rush to get pictures out on deadline I glossed right over this image. I really like this shot, it tells a different side of the competition and is not your typical bull fight photo either. I am glad I managed to see the second time around and it is definitely going in my contest entry.

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