Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No comments

I have never liked the comment section for stories on the Tracy Press web site. I have thought it is a haven for cowards and bullies with no guts to come into the public light with their real name, kind of like the Fox News network but with a local angle.

I was surprised today by some of the comments for one of the photos I took for the first council meeting of the new city manager. One asked if that was the best I could do. Now I usually give the editors a choice of more than one picture and if the editors really have a problem with a picture I have taken then they can choose not to publish it.

I think the photos are good, nothing spectacular but I did get the feeling the new city manager is a tough subject to shoot, lots of varied facial expression but I will cut him some slack, it was his first meeting.

And to the anonymous commenter complaining about my performance; if you can do better sport, step up to the plate. Just remember to take your lens cap off. Put up or shut up.

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