Friday, July 31, 2009


Just when you think the World Wide Web has given us all the useless sites imaginable someone sends me a link to one more. For cat lovers across the world there is a site dedicated just to cat pictures. But there is a catch; it is pictures of cats that look like Hitler.

Sure enough if you go to cats that look like hilter you are treated to pages of cats with tiny black mustaches. Such cats are called “Kitlers” by the website. If you squint and stand far enough away from the computer screen they sort of, kind of, maybe, might look like the infamous Axis dictator. Sort of.

Anyhow news of the website raced through the newsroom quicker than the blitzkrieg through Poland. We checked out the pages of cat pictures, the fan mail, the hate mail and the collection of Kitler wear ( I thought the Furr Reich shirt was the catchiest sounding).

Heading over to the Tracy Animal Shelter I wondered which cat kennel might contain a slumbering cat hell bent on global war and world domination. A couple of cats did suspiciously look like they might have evil intentions, but wait, every cat has that look. I did find a couple with a mysterious mustache, maybe they were Kitlers in hiding?

The furor (get it?) died down as soon as I came back to the office with pictures of a giant ravioli menacing downtown patrons. Maybe I can start my own website for mascots that look like monsters; that might work right?

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