Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Green Man cometh

Yes indeed he is back. Clad in tight lime-green spandex, a green figure emerges from the shadows to root the Tracy High volleyball team on. I have no idea who he is so we just call him the Green Man.

I first spotted him at last years crosstown volleyball game where he made the rounds of the gym with boots and cowboy hat. Thios year's Green Man sports sneakers and has doffed the hat, some gibberish about school policy no masks or something. I kind of liked the no face look, reminded me of Rorschach from the Watchmen.

The Green Man is part of a vocal cheering section reportedly comprised of the Tracy High soccer tema. Dressed in green they cheer on the volleyball team with a variety of chants and routines, my favorite being the newspaper skit (anything that drives up circulation is fine by me).

I hate to say it but the Green Man and cheering section was the best part of the volleyball game. Kind of hope to see them at more sporting events. I bet they would go over well at the crosstown football game.

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