Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The whole kit and caboose

Some people are stamp collectors, some collect porcelain figures. Dianne and Ralph Timan are collectors as well and they added a big ticket item to their collection. A really big one. They bought a caboose.

Tucked away in the hundreds of listing in a PennySaver classifieds was a Kaboose. The incorrect spelling may have caught their eye but it was the item that piqued their interest, a 1960 Southern Pacific rail line caboose that had sat for the last 24 years outside a Brentwood rock company. Up for sale the Timans knew the right spot for the relic, their back yard.

The 40-foot-long 65,000 pound caboose was moved by two flatbed trucks, one for the 33-inch wheels while the body of the caboose was lifted on to the second for the trip. At the Timan home it was lifted onto a section of track roadbed featuring surplus rail bought from the old Holly Sugar plant.

The Timans plan to redo the caboose inside and out to restore it to its 1960 guise. They don't think they will add a locomotive to their new caboose but a passenger car or two is not out of the question.

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