Sunday, October 18, 2009

Game face

I shoot a lot of football every year at the Press. I think I am at the 15 or 16 game mark going into mid October and I can't remember how many quarters of action I have watched so far.

We don't cover professional sports at the paper we stick to mostly prep and the youth teams but they keep me buys enough. I could spend the whole day shooting the various youth teams on Saturday if I wanted to. Some people think that covering high school and youth sports is harder than professional teams as the action isn't quite as spectacular and good photo opportunities maybe few and far in between.

I covered the Tracy Raiders Novice team this past Saturday and I managed to squeeze off a few decent shots. I try to treat any game the same, keep the same shooting routine and camera lenses regardless of the skill level or size of the players. This coming weekend I will have my hands full as two high schools have their homecoming football games this weekend.

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