Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dive in

I was covering the Tracy Tritons swim meet over the weekend and I was in a rut. The sheer number of swimmers for each event means one swimming stroke like the freestyle can take over an hour to complete. How many ways can you photograph the freestyle stroke? I decided to try and get creative and found a good shooting position next to the starting blocks. A wide-angle lens and healthy dose of the motor drive netted this take on the swimmers entering the water at the start of one of the heats.


Anonymous said...

This is a great shot. With my digital the swimmers would have finished a lap before the camera snapped. Sometimes, I miss the old days.

Do you have a blog entry (or an archived Press article) where you explain the basics of F stop, shutter speed, brightness of the day, etc. I have been playing around with my digital in manual mode (with stinky results). OR do you use your digital on automatic?

Glenn Moore said...

Thanks for the idea on future Snapshots column, I can talk about exposures and sports photography. As for my camera settings I almost always shoot with the camera set to aperture priority. I set the camera lens f-stop and the camera selects the correct shutter speed. When using fill flash I use the programmed setting where the camera calculates both f-stop and shutter speed setting along with the flash duration and intensity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! :-)