Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Welcome back

Damn it feels good to have my Canon back! After four days of muddling through assignments with a Nikon D70 I am back in the high life with my Eos 1D MKII. It felt good shooting assignments like today’s West High baseball game with my trusty work camera.

You wouldn’t think one camera can change the way you shoot but it does. Back to a camera with a high speed motor drive. Once again with in camera color management that produce images that aren’t too blue. A nice hefty 8 million-megapixel resolution for sharp looking pictures and just the good quality features of the Canon that makes it a fun and easy camera to use professionally.

I was told the official reason for the camera malfunction was “a bent internal part that produced a ERR 99 code.” I still think I popped a shutter blade and that was the bent part flopping around the camera body.

I put 2 ½ hard years of shooting on the camera before I had a problem with it. That is far longer than our original Nikon digital camera made it to. Hopefully I will have a couple more years and hundreds of thousands of pictures before I have another problem with camera

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