Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cloud 9

They say you should always make time to stop and smell the roses. I prefer to look up at the clouds. I have always loved their ever-changing shapes and the range of light and shadow in their flow across the sky.

On assignment in Mountain House today I had just such a chance to stop and admire a wave of thunderclouds rolling over the valley.

No raindrops fell, no thunderclaps echoed through the hills but I still enjoyed the show.


Jon Mendelson said...

Nice photos again. How do you go after shooting those types of scenes?

Dr. Mike McLellan said...

I am surpised you have time to look at anything more than your viewfinder. You are everywhere. The quality has not gone down either. Thanks for your good work.

Tonya said...

I love cloud photos! Amazing photos, but like Jon, I'm curious at how you go about shooting such scenes.