Saturday, March 22, 2008

Reflections of life

We had to beat the stress from the week so with hiking partner Alice DeLaurier-O'Neil we headed out for an evening walk around Bethany Reservoir outside town.

We arrived late in the evening with the sun heading down and we were treated to a quiet walk around the banks of the reservoir. As the sun set the light cast a spectacular show of reflections in the still water.

A glass smooth surface cast mirror reflections of the opposite bank’s trees and windmills.

We walked and took photos of the colors playing in the water and marveled how the reservoir seemed to be a hidden jewel in the edge of the Altamont hills.


Safari Mom said...

Very nice what a jewel in the Tracy area more people should get out and see what is in their backyards! Thank you for the great pics

Care said...

Yes, that's how Tracy and the surrounding region looked during my week's stay mid-March. Perfect.

We South Dakotans are still the Frozen Chosen waiting to see the first bud. I love my early spring break in blooming northern California.

Thanx for the memories, Glenn.