Sunday, March 30, 2008

The wind and the water

It was time to head outdoors and leave the stress of work behind. Our latest hike would take us on a cold climb on the northwest slopes of Mount Tamalpais at Alpine Lake Dam to view Cataract Falls.

Hiking and photography partner Alice DeLaurier-O'Neil I headed out for an afternoon hike on the mountain. Even at midday the temperatures were chilly as we struck out on the trail. The trailhead wasn’t the best marked as it lay hidden beyond Alpine Lake Dam near a hairpin turn on the road. Our drive up the mountain was fun as we stopped to view a group of wild turkeys near the roadside.

The trail was a narrow and filled with steps as we climbed to about 1,400 feet. Along the trail among the moss covered rock and valleys of ferns were the waterfalls.

Heading up the trail past the wind rustling the trees we could hear the rush of the waterfalls. Fallen trees occupied some of water pools were they crashed down and we took our time to enjoy the sights. I used slow shutter speeds to give a feel of motion to the falling water.

The shade made our walk a cold one as we kept bundled up in layers of sweatshirts and jackets but we shivered along to see the collection of plants and a ferns that lined the path between the falls.

It was another great hike, filled with sights and sounds and plenty of great picture opportunities. Our next hike will probably take us back to the summit of Mount Diablo for a double summit adventure.

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