Thursday, June 12, 2008

Calling Dr. Doolittle

Oddly enough I had my wildlife photography skills put to test today. You know it is not your day behind the camera when the Pet of the week is a hungry looking pitbull, but things got weird from there.

So they send me to photograph doves. That was all the assignment said, doves. I get to the house, push the doorbell and didn’t even notice the dove inches away camped out in a door wreath.

It seems the story was about a dove homesteading in the wreath with it’s hatched young. Kind of creepy the way to didn’t move at first. It took a brief flight giving me an opportunity to photograph the little guys.

I thought the animal antics were over until I saw the assignment for a wayward cat that finally made its way home.

“Travis the cat ruled his home and his favorite spot was on the smooth surface of a marble kitchen counter. I wasn’t sure if “Travis” would sit still for a picture but I soon discovered he wasn’t afraid of the camera. Far from it. He enjoyed the feel of the canon wide-angle lens shade just a little too much spending much of the shoot using my camera as a scratching post.

I managed to get enough frames off between shooing him back from the lens and picking clumps of cat hair off the lens. Have I mentioned how glamorous my job is lately?

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