Friday, June 27, 2008

Squeeze play

You might think that having a press pass gives you an all-access pass to anywhere anytime. Guess again. Today was a good example of how much I can be pushed back at a spot news scene.

Responding to a call of a roofing worker who fell 40 feet from a warehouse I was faced with a spot news scene on private property. The gates were locked for all except emergency crews so I had to resort to a way around the situation.

Shooting from the parking lot of next door company I was able to get a look at the air ambulance crews through a chain link fence between the rows of trailers. The wide view of the middle photo is the full frame view of the top picture. The bottom photo shows how much of a view I had to capture the arrival and departure. It was definitely close quarters shooting.

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chumly said...

Great photo's thanks for sharing them. Although that moody cat could have sat still for you.